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Many tourist catalogs that offer dream trips in Vietnam. It shows you beautiful images, descriptions are hyperbolic. Yet Vietnam deserves more than that.

Imagine a distant tropical country, a country of culture, traditions, history and legends with spaces for adventure, a country whose cuisine has been around the world ..

Formerly came there looking for the agarwood and eagle wood, spices and silk. He was long occupied was then a colony. It is even known to have been a very long battle.

Today the war is over, wounds dressed and about the country can offer much more than memorials and war memorabilia.

And many are the reasons that will make you come to Vietnam. Some remember Indochina, some of the Vietnam War, for others, it is a destination far Asia and tropical. You will have the satisfaction of certain reinforce misconceptions. Other preconceptions will be annihilated. You'll find mostly what you do not guessed.

This amazing country does not leave you indifferent. And you will not be the end of your surprises because it has more than one trick up his sleeve to impress and seduce you.

You will be sensitive to the permanence of the legends that are part of history and you will eventually be persuaded that dragons are alive and that geniuses can be very helpful to men partners.

History, culture, arts, everyday life, ethnology, botany and zoology, nature etc ... you meet our country requires certain specialties and enthusiasm, we have it all and more. We exploratory passion and that share our discoveries.You will not be traveling for the same reasons or in the same way as the time of Augustus or Pavia Francis Garnier. We would, however, make you feel some of the impressions of these adventurers hero.

As for us, DISCOVER .... Well aware that we can address any issues that may affect near and far travel and discoveries. We took musicologists listening to traditional music, botanists and ornithologists in search of endangered species or to discover others who were not yet listed, filmmakers and TV for ethnographic documentaries or sports in search of adventurous exploits.

Suffice to say that we can address all the themes of adventure tourism and culture.

You who use your holiday to satisfy your curiosity, who still want to have a good time.

You who have a predilection for nature - civilizations - the people - the arts - everyday life - traditions.

The exploration - discovery - adventure - meetings titillate you.

Mekong, Tonkin, Annam, Cochin China are evocative for you mythical names full of history, poetry.

You discover client.

There. Some might of course consider this trip by their own means, it is possible, though many parts require residence formalities. They do not yet see as much with our assistance. Unless you have a lot of time in front of them ... and patience.

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